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NGI Talk #5: The decentralized internet

December 3 @ 16:00 - 18:00

IoT network

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With the increasing interconnection of everything and the increasing computational capabilities available at hand, new distributed architectures for our digital infrastructures and ecosystems are constantly emerging.

While we have seen a shift from mainframes to PCs in the ninetieth of the last century, followed by the rise of the clouds and mobile devices in the early 2000s, we are now facing a shift from   traditional computing devices to connected things. The computational power available in even the smallest device is already enormous and still rapidly increasing. This results in an ever-increasing amount of data being collected, processed and shared. Given these developments, traditional central organization patterns are no longer applicable.

This decentralization, however, not only effects the way IT networks are built, but also how decisions are made and processes are managed. Cars are constantly communicating with their environment to make autonomous decisions, garbage is no longer collected on a fixed schedule but based on the current need for raw materials of waste combustors, and money is no longer transferred via banks but by using distributed ledgers.

In this session of the NGI-Talks we will discuss how decentralization will effect our environment, our daily life and our businesses, what technological developments we can expect in the future, and which risks we have to face.


  • Impulse Talk #1: Distributed Economy
  • Impulse Talk #2: Distributed Technology
  • Impulse Talk #3: Distributed Responsibility
  • Panel Diskussion– moderierte Gesprächsrunde mit allen Vortragenden
    Moderator: Mario Drobics (AIT)
  • Get Together – Gemütliche Fortsetzung der Diskussionen bei Essen und Getränken


December 3
16:00 - 18:00


Wollzeile 1
Wien, 1010 Austria
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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
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