Successful 2nd NGI Talk on “Digital Trust”

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You can download the full article covering the event and including an interview with the speakers here:

Report Plus April 2019


  • Impulse Talk #1: Introduction – NGI ist gut, Vertrauen ist besser – Remarks on Digital Trust
    Speaker: Prof. Peter Reichl (Univ. Wien)
  • Impulse Talk #2: Technologies – Can distributed concepts like blockchain solve the trust problem in the future internet and what would be alternatives? (slides)
    Speaker: Bernhard Haslhofer (AIT)
  • Impulse Talk #3: Liability – How is responsibility / liability handled in digital networks? (slides)
    Speaker: Prof. Erich Schweighofer (Univ. Wien)
  • Panel Discussion – Discuss the topic with the speakers
    Moderator: Martin Szelgrad (Report Verlag)

Images (c) Sela Krobath, Video (c) Bernhard Schojer

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